‘I hate when customers talk to me while I’m on bar’: Starbucks worker puts distracting customers on blast

In a viral TikTok, an apparent Starbucks worker calls out customers who ask questions while she’s making drinks on bar. 


I hate when customers talk to me while I’m on bar.🙄😭 #starbucks #fyp #starbucksbarista #baristaproblems

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“Me fighting the urge to ask a customer, ‘Does it look like I’m on fucking ovens?’ when they ask me questions while I’m busy on bar,” the user, @spacekandii, wrote via text overlay on the video. 

She lip-syncs to a popular audio: “Shh, no. Don’t say that.”

With over 100,000 views, the video sparked discussion among other Starbucks baristas about customers who slow them down.

“BRUH THEY BE LIKE ‘wHere’S my PumPkin LoaF?’ As if hot bar had the means to control that, i work at one in boston lol it’s wild,” one user said.

“Or when they come up to the bar and start to order like sir do i have a register in front of me,” said another.

“I just ignore them cause ik you see that pile of drinks in front of me,” a third user said.

“Yesss! Literally Starbucks customers have the worst etiquette,” the TikToker responded.

One Starbucks employee shared how they deal with customers asking questions about their food.

“I just say ‘it’s being worked on, it’ll be brought DOWN HERE at the HAND OFF PLANE’ so they don’t go harass the food partner fighting for their life,” they said.

Others empathized with the customers that Starbucks workers have to deal with.

“I got so much respect for sbux baristas when i’m there at 7:30 am they look like theyre fighting for their lives,” one user said.

“Customers have no common sense whatsoever it’s kinda scary… some of them act like children … gotta spoon feed them and everything,” said another.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @spacekandii via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/starbucks-worker-customers-ask-questions-bar-tiktok/