‘I don’t have a receipt for a coat I bought 2 months ago’: Customer wears Zara outfit while shopping at Zara, gets accused of stealing


A Zara customer captured Zara employees accusing him of stealing the same clothes he wore into the store. In the nine-second viral video, TikToker Jack (@canigetamcpicktwo) documented himself walking into a Zara store, wearing a gray hoodie, brown coat, and black sunglasses. 

Seconds later, he was surrounded by Zara security, with one security guard holding the same brown coat he came into the store wearing. Then, a Zara employee inspected the coat, scanning its internal tag. At the end of the video, Zack is escorted to the back of the store. 

The text over the video reads: “Your sign not to wear Zara into Zara.”

He provided more context in the caption which reads: “No, sorry, I don’t have a receipt for a coat I bought 2 months ago.” 

The video has 651,000 views and hundreds of comments. The video has sparked much discourse, with viewers sharing their frustrations with the situation and expressing their solidarity with Jack. 


no sry i dont have a receipt for a coat i bought 2 months ago

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One viewer shared, “I would tell them to roll the security footage then tell them my lawyer will contact them,” to which Jack responded, “I DID AND THEY WERE LIKE that’s not how we do this…” 

Other viewers also felt similarly instructing Jack to get the footage from the security cameras. “Can’t they check their cameras and see you had it when you walked in??” a TikToker asked, but Jack claimed that Zara staff refused. “No like they were too lazy to,” Jack alleged.

Jack is also responding to many viewers who claimed they have been in similar situations.

“This happened to me at Sephora. They saw me with my own lip gloss in hand and accused me of stealing it,” one viewer claimed. Jack responded to her, saying, “It’s actually so bold like maybe if u guys took two seconds to do your job and see I came in with it this wouldn’t happen.” 

One viewer even claimed that they were accused of stealing at the same Zara. “Omg something similar happened to me in this location the guy chased me out the door and asked me to show him proof right after I had paid like sir,” they shared, to which Jack rescinded, “WHAT ARE THEY ON?” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jack and Zara via email for comment. 

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/customer-accused-of-stealing-zara-outfit/