Here’s How The Arthur Characters Look As Adults

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You all know Arthur – iconic children’s TV show, teacher of life lessons, beacon of musical innovation, and of course, progenitor of viral memes.

Well, after 25 seasons, Arthur ended with an episode on PBS Kids yesterday entitled “Blabbermouth/All Grown Up”.


The episode sees the gang find a fortune telling game, and ends with a Harry Potter style fast-forwarding to 20 years later, in which we encounter the main cast as adults living their best lives. We also learn that Arthur has written a graphic memoir about his life.

I’m not gonna BS you, I haven’t watched Arthur for years, but when I was a kid it was THE cartoon. The choice to end on a vignette of the future is, IMO, ~such~ a fun way to finish up this brilliant and beloved show.


Head writer Peter K. Hirsch commented that the idea for the ending was intended to be “meta”. “[It] occurred to me that this whole series has been something Arthur has created … So the suggestion is this has all been his memoir.”

In a fun flash froward, we get to see Arthur, Buster, Francine, Muffy, D.W., Binky, and George as adults, and find out what they chose to do with their lives. Let’s break down what became of our Elwood City fam.




Arthur is now a graphic novelist with hair, so a lot has changed for him. In the season finale, he unveils his memoir/graphic novel, which begins with the same plot of the very first episode of Arthur – how he got his glasses!




Arthur’s BFF is now an English teacher who looks and sounds pretty much the same. Arthur’s younger sister Kate is also revealed to be one of his pupils!




Francine has cut her signature bob and stepped up to become a shoe designer – get it? She’s sporting a pretty different look, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s embracing who she ~truly~ is inside, if you catch my drift.




(My personal fave) Muffy is a local politician running for mayor of Elwood City. I’m a little gutted she didn’t go on to be a band manager á la “Arthur – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”, the episode in which she managed the Backstreet Boys.




Occasional friend occasional foe Binky has gone on to become a news anchor, even giving Arthur’s glasses game some stiff competition.




Elwood City’s resident shy boy George now owns The Sugar Bowl dessert parlour. Hopefully he and Wally do live shows there from time to time.




Who could forget Arthur’s little sister?! In the final scene, we discover D.W. is now a traffic officer, which speaks to her inclination to boss others around TBH. She also encounters her childhood friend Bud in the vignette, who was introduced in season 16. Anyone else wish she’d changed her hair though?

Do you have any fun memories of Arthur? Share them in the comments below! ARTHUR FOREVER!!!!