There is something beautiful about a missed field goal where the ball bangs off of one of the uprights. Is it a good thing? Well, depending on which football team you are rooting for in a given game, it’s either very good or very bad, but with how difficult it is to actually hit an upright, it feels like a kicker should get a point or something if they’re able to kick the ball off of one of the poles.

Taking that one step farther: Wyoming’s kicker deserved at least 10 points for what might be the weirdest doing that I have ever seen. During Saturday afternoon’s game between the Cowboys and the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, Wyoming kicker John Hoyland had the chance to play hero with the teams tied up at 34.

The Cowboys sent their field goal unit out with seven seconds remaining for a 44-yard kick, and to that point, Hoyland had not missed a PAT or a field goal all game. This one looked close right up until the last second, when the ball straight up bounced off of the very top of the upright and fell to the earth without actually going in for a three points.

We’ve seen a whole lot of doinks over the years, but this one is certainly unique.