The best things come to those who wait, and that goes extra for Succession heads. Fans of the HBO show about one evil family of wealth monsters went two whole years without a new episode, the series having to go on hiatus thanks to a certain once-in-a-century public health crisis that still hasn’t been licked. They were rewarded with a predictably excellent season 3 premiere. In that time the show even picked up more supporters, because Sunday’s numbers were (allegedly) a series record.
Variety reports that HBO says the show’s belated season premiere netted some 1.4 million viewers across HBO and HBO Max. That’s a 21% increase from the Season 2 finale, back around this time in 2019. It was also, they say, the best premiere-night performance of any HBO show since HBO Max went live in May of last year. And it had the biggest digital premiere of any HBO show since Season 2 of Big Little Lies in June of 2019.

Mind you, this is all from HBO, which, like Netflix, tends to only report numbers when they’re very good. They’re also saying that, in the lead-up to Sunday night’s premiere, a ton of people were catching up (or catching back up) with older Succession episodes. So it’s (allegedly) more good news for the unimaginably rich fictitious family that once indifferently destroyed a media company called “Vaulter.”

(Via Variety)


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