Harry Styles Paused A Performance So A Pregnant Fan Could ‘Go For A Wee’

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In Harry’s House, Harry Styles makes the rules. He also makes sure all of his guests feel cozy in his home. As his Love On Tour shows have been a hit internationally, Styles has become known to interact with fans during his live performances. During a stop in Cardiff, Wales this past Tuesday (June 20), he made sure to look out for a pregnant fan in the audience.

During the show, the fan, whose name seems to be Sian, indicated that she needed to use the bathroom.

“Do you need to go for a wee? You should go for a wee,” he said. “I think we all agree it’s important Sian goes for a wee, don’t we? You know what I’m going to do this one time? You go for a wee, I’m going to stall. Sian, you won’t miss a thing. If you hurry up, you won’t miss a thing.”

Styles paused the show so the fan wouldn’t miss a beat.

Elsewhere in the show, the fan asked Styles to name her child. She presented to him four options — Stevie, Rafe, Harley and Caleb.

“That’s a lot of pressure — you don’t really want me to name it,” said Styles.


Harry talking to a pregnant fan Sian about naming her baby and encouraging her to go pee. #harrystyles #loveontour #loveontour2023 #concert

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You can see a clip from the show above.

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