A “Karen” throws a temper tantrum in front of a dog owner’s house, accuses them of animal abuse, and refuses to leave her lawn in a recent series of viral TikToks.

TikTok user @…0528’s encounter with a woman throwing a tantrum in front of her house went viral with over 16.3 million views and 2.1 million likes since it was posted Feb. 7. She recorded the entire interaction and posted it in three TikTok videos, which all received millions of views. 

@..0528 Karen of York city at her finest!! Somebody come get their grandma #karensgoingwild #fypシ #717 #GetTheWChallenge #Horrify ♬ original sound – Liz✨

Captioned, “Karen of York city at her finest!! Somebody come get their grandma,” the first video shows an older white lady walking up to the creator’s lawn.

The video starts with the TikToker saying “I don’t know who you’re walking up on right now,” as the woman approaches her and her dog.

“I ain’t walking up on. I’m standing right here. Do you pay your taxes?” asks the Karen, apparently noting that sidewalks are public property and she had no obligation to leave.

“Yes I do pay my taxes,” responds @…0528. “Can I help you?”

“We could just stand here all fucking day yo,” says the Karen.

“How bout you go back to the car with your husband,” says @…0528.

The Karen then says “it ain’t her husband and it ain’t her car,” just moments before a man who appears to be her companion comes up to her and tries to guide her to their car.

As her partner tries to guide her away, the Karen accuses the poster of animal abuse, which @…0528 denies. In the comments of the video, the TikToker states that she had redirected her dog away from a man with her leg, but the Karen thought she had kicked the pet.

@..0528 PT2 from original video. No bullying or harrassment. #karensgoingwild #fypシ #GetTheWChallenge #717 #Horrify ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

At this point, the encounter devolves into a yelling match with the Karen sitting down on @…0528’s step and refusing to leave the dog owner’s front lawn. Her companion finally manages to convince her to leave after a few more minutes.

@…0528 followed up a week ago with a third TikTok captioned, “KAREN IS BACK.” Viewers can see a white car, which is allegedly Karen’s, parked in front of the poster’s house as she speaks in the background.

“Looks like the Karen is back! Can’t wait to see her today,” says @…0528. “I’m doing the most requested comment, which so far is spray her with the hose!”

Viewers don’t get to see if Karen was actually sprayed with the hose, which would legally be considered assault unless she was trespassing.

Many of the 11,700 commenters on the original video sided with the poster. Some commenters pointed out the Karen seemed like she was looking for a fight.

“All y’all talking about she was just trying to see if the dog was okay. No she was getting smart she was clearly on something…” says @its.me.kenzy.

“‘But the dog’ nah cuz she ain’t do nothing to the dog the dog look fine, she came up to her talkin bout some ‘do you pay taxes’ completely unrelated,” says @casperdoe.

The Daily Dot reached out to @…0528 for comment via TikTok message.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/karen-harasses-dog-owner-tiktok/