Ganser Holds A Burial For Their Vocalist In Their New ‘People Watching’ Video

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Ahead of their upcoming EP, Nothing You Do Matters, Chicago band Ganser is taking their music videos to the next level. In their latest video, “People Watching,” the band utilize an LED Volume backdrop to create an immersive effect.

An LED Volume backdrop is a set-up of high-resolution screens that can respond in real-time to camera movement. This type of technology is used in on series like The Mandalorian.

In the video, the band is seen burying their vocalist, Nadia Garofalo, alive. Snow and cornstalks in the background add an ominous feel. Ganser spoke about the creation of the “People Watching” video, which was shot over a two-day period, to Rolling Stone.

“It’s kind of nice to be like, ‘OK, we’re shooting it in the cold winter — but we don’t have to actually go out and dig a hole in the ground and be outside for 10 hours,’ ” said Garofalo. “Saving crews from elements is cool, too.”

“I was being shot from the waist down,” co-vocalist Alicia Gaines added. “So I was burying Nadia in fake soil and looking at the monitor on one side, checking her lip-sync. This was our most difficult video to make.”

The upcoming EP was produced by Angus Andrew of Liars.

Check out “People Watching” above and the tracklist and cover art for Nothing You Do Matters below.

Courtesy of Felte

01. “People Watching”
02. “What Me Worry”
03. “People Watching (Liars Remix)”

Nothing You Do Matters is out 10/5 via Felte. Pre-save it here.


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