Friends make woman FaceTime man from Tinder on big screen because they thought he was a catfish in viral TikTok

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A group of friends made their bestie FaceTime a guy she was talking to on Tinder and broadcasted it on the big screen, in a viral TikTok posted yesterday.

The TikTok posted by user @jaja.joseph, which has over 1.3 million views, shows a group of friends watching a big TV screen which is projecting a screen recording of their friend’s iPhone. 

Their friend, user @blackbeancrunchwrap, has over 10,600 followers on TikTok. In the screen recording, she asks the man she’s talking to on the online dating app Tinder if he’s a catfish. He replies, “Negative, we can FaceTime.”

The TikTok then shows the group of friends watching the FaceTime call play out on the big screen. Turns out, the man isn’t a catfish. 

“We made our bestie FaceTime this Tinder boy who we thought was catfishing her & we all watched,” user @jaja.joseph captioned the video, “we watch out for our gorl.”

Users in the comments section of the TikTok were freaking out over the man who answered the FaceTime. 

“Naurrrrr he’s so hot stop,” one user commented. 

“Not me blushing when he answered the call lol,” another replied. 

“Girl you found gold,” a third said. 

Even the Tinder team pitched into the discussion in the comments section. 

“Oh…i kinda wanna facetime him too…for research purposes,” Tinder’s TikTok account replied. 

On Tinder’s website, it provides recommendations for how to stay safe when online dating. Some recommendations include not sharing financial information, meeting for the first time in public places, and staying in control of your transportation. 

Tinder also actually recommends that you do not leave the app when you’re first talking to someone: “Users with bad intentions often try to move the conversation to text, messaging apps, email, or phone right away.”

Tinder now has a Face to Face video chat feature available so that you can video call without leaving the platform. 

The Daily Dot reached out to users @jaja.joseph and @blackbeancrunchwrap for comment via Instagram message, and to Tinder via email.


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