ER Staff Are Sharing The Things They’ve Gotten Used To

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“I’m not a doctor or nurse but I used to be a housekeeper in the ER for a while. We had to clean up the aftermath of all sorts of things, including when they rushed a patient in and gave emergency care. Whenever the patient doesn’t make it, they don’t immediately wheel the body away. They will be zipped up in a body bag, laying there on the gurney.”

“Sometimes we could wait to clean it up, but it depended on what the situation was. If there’s blood or any other bodily fluid then you have to clean it right away. So I would have to clean rooms sometimes while the person is laying there dead in a bag. I have always been someone that tends to be more emotionally detached from things, so I don’t think it affected me the first time the way it might have someone else, but it still felt heavy, surreal, and just weird. But it quickly became just another thing and I didn’t really think about it.” —guacward


Share - Shperndaje