Employee Was Told To Drive The Shortest Route To Work. It Ends Up Costing The Company A Lot More Money.


Have you ever worked with or for someone who insisted on doing everything the hard way?

I think we’ve all been there at one point or another!

The story you’re about to read centers on a tiff between a worker and a bookkeeper at their job.

“At my job, every day I have to travel between two offices. I start at my main office, then have to travel to the second office, then back to my main office. Because I’m using my personal vehicle for this travel, the company pays me mileage.

Well, there are basically two routes you can take between the two offices. One is about a mile round trip shorter, but has tolls. So I always took the one mile longer route and avoid the tolls. I did it this way for a year.

And then the new bookkeeper came onto the scene…

Well in comes the new bookkeeper and she is hellbent on saving the company money. And where does she think all this wasteful money is going? Expense reports, obviously.

So she starts nitpicking every report. Like if someone is out and has to buy some pens for work. She goes online and finds the cheapest price possible for those pens, and only reimburses for that cheaper price. It, obviously, has ****** several people off.

And then it was this worker’s turn for her misguided wrath…and she accused them of something pretty bad.

Well, she eventually decided to target me. I submit my report for 2 weeks, and a few days later get the reimbursement payment. Well, it’s $5.85 short.

I ask her about it, and she says I’ve been ripping off the company for the past year by taking the longer route between the offices. She will only pay mileage for the shorter route from now on. “And I’m lucky she doesn’t go back and take back all the extra from the past year.”

But this new bookkeeper was in for quite a surprise!

I say Ok, but to please send me that per her I must take the shorter route and that this is company policy and leave her office. Before I even made it to my desk I had the email from her confirming what she said. 2 weeks later I submit my expense report.

I reported the shorter route, so the company saved $5.85. But tolls added up to $136. A net loss for the company of $130.15. It’s been 6 months and I’m still “taking the shorter route” costing the company an extra $130.15 every 2 weeks.”

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