Draymond Green Got Really Mad At The ‘Inside The NBA’ Guys Comparing Him To Rudy Gobert

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Despite getting selected to the 2022 NBA All-Star Game in Cleveland, Draymond Green did not take the floor during the game. Green’s been out for a minute with a back injury, and the decision was made that he wouldn’t be able to suit up and play some extremely low-stakes basketball that had the potential to end in disaster.

Still, Green was part of the game by joining the Inside the NBA team for its alternate broadcast of the game. Because the Inside guys are sensational at doing things that get people mad at them, one moment during the game’s first half led to Green getting riled up. A conversation about very good defenders saw Green get lumped with noted guy he doesn’t like all that much Rudy Gobert, and in response, Green seemed to get legitimately bothered at being mentioned in the same breath as the Utah Jazz star.

Green isn’t wrong, of course — despite both of them being sensational defensive players, the stuff Green does for the Golden State Warriors and the stuff Gobert does for the Jazz are quite different. Still, seeing as how Green went onto TNT a few weeks back and expressed some thoughts on Gobert, we have to assume this was done with the goal of prodding him.

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