Drake’s Top Artist For Spotify Wrapped Is Not Drake, Unfortunately, But It Is A Hip-Hop Icon


Of all the people whose top artists on Spotify would be themselves, you’d think Drake would be at the top of the list, right? The Boy joined in the Spotify Wrapped sharing trend currently taking over social media and unfortunately, it appears that he doesn’t spend much time sitting around listening to his own music. Instead, his streams are apparently dominated by a hip-hop icon: Tupac Shakur, aka 2Pac.

Drake is in the top 7% of the “Dear Mama” rapper’s listeners with 246 minutes played. A couple of thoughts this information sparks: Either Drake listens to a very wide range of artists for a very short amount of time for Tupac to dominate his listens, or he doesn’t stream music on Spotify very much. That’s only about 4 hours of music, which could easily be accomplished with one marathon session of Pac’s first four albums (or just listening to All Eyez On Me twice). Drake previously paid homage to the West Coast rap legend with a pair of customized chains portraying ‘Pac as a Jesus piece.


In the six years Spotify has been using the Spotify Wrapped branding, the program has become one of music fans’ favorite features, building anticipation every year to see how their streaming habits compare to others’. This year, Harry Styles had the most-streamed song on the platform, while the most-streamed artist was Bad Bunny (along with BTS, Drake, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd).

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/drake-spotify-wrapped-top-artist/