Dr. Oz’s Old Tweets About Poop Have Come Back To Humiliate Him Even More Than He Has Been Already

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It’s been a rollercoaster summer, but one of the most delightful running gags of the season has been the repeated humiliation of congressional candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. The former TV star wants so badly to fill a vacating Senate seat in Pennsylvania he even moved from Jersey. Unfortunately, he’s running against John Fetterman, who’s spent the last few months mercilessly, creatively trolling his opponent. But sometimes all Fetterman has to do is wait for others to dig up some dirt then do the pouncing.

Over the weekend, people dug up some old tweets Oz made when he was a television health adviser of dubious credibility. These were about poop. They might even be helpful; one’s leavings are a good sign of how healthy one is (or isn’t). Trouble is, at least one tweet, from 2013, featured a generic link to his website…which is now all about his troubled senatorial campaign. Which means that it now reads weird.

Fetterman was quick to turn the gaffe into yet another of his Oz burns.

Turns out there are lots and lots and lots of Oz tweets on the subject of feces.

Poop-gate comes mere days after Oz was dragged about a bizarre video he recorded back in April, in which he tried to connect with salt-of-the-earth Pennsylvania voters by gathering ingredients for a deeply strange version of “crudité.” (That’s “vegetable tray” to everyone else.) The mockery was so bad even Tucker Carlson couldn’t help laughing about it. Meanwhile, Oz’s most high profile cheerleader, Donald Trump, sure isn’t laughing about how badly he may lose.

(Via The New York Post)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/dr-oz-poop-tweets-fetterman/

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