Dr. Muḥammad Mashālī used to treat Egypt’s poorest citizens completely free of charge for 50 years!

He spent 12 hours a day in the clinic and received 30-50 patients a day. Not only did a line of people form in front of his ambulance every day, people would approach him on the street and he would give them medical advice. Dr. Muḥammad Mashālī never had a car or even a telephone. He walked from home to work.

When a rich man heard about his story, he gave him $20,000, a car and an apartment. But a year later, when his benefactor returned to Egypt, he learned that the doctor had sold his car to help poor patients and bought new medical equipment. When Muḥammad Mashālī graduated from Cairo Medical School in 1967, he explained why he wanted to sacrifice himself for the good of others:

“My father sacrificed his life so that I could become a doctor. Then I promised God that I would not take a penny from the poor and live a life of service to people of all cultures and religions.”

He passed away in 2020 at the age of 76. May Allāh show him mercy and accept his efforts!

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