Domino’s worker says they were fired after exposing managers for ‘playing video games while it’s busy’ in viral TikTok

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A viral TikTok showed two Domino’s managers in Las Vegas seemingly playing video games as the store was receiving orders. The creator of the video claimed he was later fired for exposing his bosses.

In the video, two people can be seen hunched over video game devices as the TikToker, an apparent employee, walks by recording them. The text on screen says, “[Domino’s] fired me for exposing their managers playing video games while it’s busy.”

This is a follow-up video to the creator’s previous post about the same issue. Both videos received 73,000 views combined. Commenters insisted that the two people had to be on a break, but with this recent video, the creator cleared up that they were not.

“Here they are again while orders are nearly two hours late,” the creator wrote in the caption.

@dominosdiscriminates For those who keep insisting in the comments that the two in the photo were playing video games were doing it on a “break” or it “must be slow”. Yeah, sorry that narrative doesn’t work! Here they are again while orders are nearly two hours late. @dominos fired me for exposing the behavior of their managers. #DominosPizza #bigbankdancechallenge #workplaceproblems #amerikkka #iwasfiredfrommyjob #exposingthetruth ♬ original sound – DominosDiscriminates

While the original video was met with negativity, with folks calling the creator a snitch, the follow-up video was met with more solidarity.

“I don’t get why people are hating on u for this. People shouldn’t be on the job if they aren’t gonna work,” one person wrote.

Another person suggested that the creator send the videos to corporate, to which the creator responded saying “I did, I was ignored and investigated for these videos and ended up being fired for it.”

The creator continues to post about the working conditions at his Domino’s through photos and videos that they claim got them fired for posting.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and Domino’s via PR email but did not immediately receive a response.