‘Do you think it’s bad etiquette?’: Walgreens customer blasted in viral TikTok for shopping like ‘they’re at Walmart,’ sparking debate

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In a viral TikTok posted yesterday, a Walgreens shopper came under fire for shopping like it’s a “Walmart” and holding up the checkout line. 


A video posted by user @iselavanessaaaa, which now has over 102,000 views, revealed a long line of shoppers waiting behind someone at the front of the line with a full shopping cart. 

The TikToker who posted the video complained that she “waited in line 20 minutes” because of “people who shop at Walgreens and buy as if they’re at Walmart.”

She then asked for viewers’ opinions on the shopper at the front of the line: “Do you think it’s bad etiquette on her part or should we mind our business cause it’s a public store?” 

The video sparked controversy about who bears the responsibility for long lines: customers, employees, or companies. 

Walgreens, owned by parent company Walgreens Boots Alliance, is funded by its vast network of retail pharmacy stores across the country. Many users in the comment section of this video came to the shopper’s defense and accused Walgreens of understaffing and poor management. 

“Ppl have the right to buy what they want..its the stores fault for this,” one TikToker said.

“Honestly they really should have more than 1 till open…esp in a store that size,” another noted.

“Here’s an idea, open more than one register,” a third complained. 

Another user criticized the employees at the store: “Walgreens employees just never want to open a register, they be in the back.”

Other users blamed the shopper at the front of the line, and complained about the use of coupons making check-out a longer process. 

“As a Walgreens employee, we hate couponers because it drags the system, makes the line even longer when a coupon doesn’t get accepted, then we void it,” one user noted. 

Another replied, “SAME. I’m a cvs manager and the couponers… god. Drive me crazy. Then they want to argue about an expired coupon.”

Some users defended the shopper and criticized the TikToker who posted the video: 

“She’s buying stuff from a store, what’s wrong with you lol,” one said. 

“Bad etiquette? what’s bad is you judging what people are allowed to buy in a store. selfish much?” another noted. 

Another user brought to light how little we know about the circumstances of the shopper at the front of the line: 

“Mind your business cause maybe that was the only place she can go. I for one have been carless in my life and had to stop wherever the driver would.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the Walgreens media team for comment via email, and user @iselavanessaaaa in the comment section of her viral TikTok.  

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-walgreens-coupon-shopper/