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“I’m not a lawyer, but I’m currently going through a divorce from a 19-year marriage.”

“1. Keep your finances separate. 

2. Don’t quit your job to raise his kids from a previous marriage, then raise your own with no help.

3. No matter how much of a stand-up guy you believe he is, at some point he will screw you over. I’m a disabled veteran and can’t work due to a severe spinal injury. He told everyone he would always provide medical care for me so he could look like the good guy. Then he told his lawyer that he was fine ending my healthcare after three years, and also to put in an income amount for me so he could pay less in child support. Despite the fact that he knows I’m disabled and can’t work. Oh, and he also makes a quarter of a million per year. 

TL/DR: Love stories are great and so romantic, but the reality is that all stories end.”



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