Earlier this year, indie rock trio Dehd unveiled their fourth studio album, Blue Skies, after releasing the stunning singles “Empty In My Mind” and “Stars.” They’re back today with a new song called “Eggshells,” which was recorded during the album’s sessions for but didn’t make the cut.

The track is mellow and surfy, with a simple refrain sung by Jason Balla: “Walk along, walk along, eggshells / I’m done, I’m done, yeah / Better off, better off, on my own.” It makes for a catchy melody, which is their strong suit, and it builds into a trance-like, reverberating outro. It comes with a trippy, monotone video shot in Taos, New Mexico by vocalist Emily Kempf, alongside filmmaker Kevin Veselka.

In our 2020 interview with Kempf for the Dehd LP Flower Of Devotion, she discussed her quarter-life crisis during which she briefly stopped playing music. “I’d just given up everything to be a musician and I thought maybe that I f*cked up,” she said. She found herself wondering, “I’m not successful yet. Should I buy a house and get married and have a baby and go to college?’ So I quit.” She persisted for a year in corporate. “I basically tried to conform,” she recalled, “which did not work out because I’m too punk.”

Watch the video for “Eggshells” above.

Source: https://uproxx.com/indie/dehd-eggshells-video/