Congratulations To Alex Jones’ Lawyers For Apparently Being Too ‘Dumb’ Even For ‘Law And Order’

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How many times have you watched the footage of beet-red conspiracy theorist Alex Jones finding out that his lawyers accidentally sent a digital copy of the entire content of his cell phone to the Sandy Hook parents’ lawyer?

If the answer is under five, well, let’s roll the footage again.

It’s like a scene out of Law and Order or one of its 12 spinoffs, except no TV lawyer would be that dumb. Take it from former-Law and Order writer David Slack.

In response to NBC News senior reporter Ben Collins tweeting that he’s seen a lot of episodes of Law and Order but he’s never seen a twist as good as “Alex Jones’ lawyers accidentally sent Sandy Hook parents’ lawyers the entire contents of his phone and his long-hidden financials, but they waited 12 days to let him lie,” Slack replied, “Because on Law & Order. we wouldn’t have let a lawyer do something that dumb.”

Do I understand how the American legal system works? No. But would I be surprised if Jones fired his lawyer — who responded to his blunder by taking on the same pose as The Thinker — and hired Rudy Giuliani? Also no. They’re both being sued, and Jones wouldn’t have to worry about Rudy sending his text messages to another attorney. He might butt dial a private conversation to a reporter, but that’s just Rudy being Rudy.


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