Last month, Norm Macdonald passed away, prompting an avalanche of clips being shared across social media. A king of late night TV, he was a regular on chat shows, which he routinely torched with unpredictable, hilarious behavior. He also spent five seasons on SNL, three and a half of those as the solitary fake anchor on Weekend Update. And when the show came back for its 47th season, the current anchors made sure to pay him tribute.

Colin Jost and Michael Che ended this season’s maiden segment by turning it over to the man himself. “It is a bittersweet night for us tonight,” Jost said. “Norm is the reason I ever wanted to do Weekend Update, and so tonight, we thought we’d turn the last few jokes of Update over to Norm.”

What followed was a short montage of Weekend Update bits, in which Macdonald skewered the likes of Bill Clinton and, of course, O.J. Simpson, whose trial he relentlessly and mercilessly mocked. “In a brilliant move during closing arguments, Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran put on the knit cap prosecutors say O.J. wore during the night of the murders,” Macdonald said in the clip. “Although O.J. may have hurt his case when he suddenly blurted out, ‘Hey, hey. Easy with that! That’s my lucky stabbing hat!’”

Elsewhere on Weekend Update, Pete Davidson did one of his confessional monologues, during which he wore a tee-shirt bearing an image of, you guessed it, Norm Macdonald.

You can watch the montage in the video above.


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