Charli XCX Had A Very Funny And Chaotic Explanation For Why She Always Wears Socks

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Charli XCX is gearing up to enter an “ultra pop star” mode, but her jokester brain can never fully shut down. After she dropped a recent set of photos on Twitter promoting a one week countdown for hew single and music video “Good Ones,” which included a seated bikini shot where she has high white socks on, one fan was wondering why we haven’t seen the pop star barefoot. Here’s the photo set in question:

And Charli’s very funny, very chaotic response to the fan musing: “how come charli xcx is always wearing socks.” Her deadpan response? Quote tweeting the fan she wrote “I could get serious money for my feet… if you wanna see them, you gotta pay.”

Now what could send the foot fetish community into more chaos than that kind of acknowledgement? Between her new era giving fans the pop bangers they haven’t been receiving from the likes of Taylor, Billie and Lorde lately, and her new podcast Charli XCX’s Best Song Ever, where she interviews other famous musicians about their personal music taste, the Charli fans will definitely be happy this fall. Keep your ears out for her brand new single coming next week, and feet aficionados, keep close watch for your opportunity.


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