Carson Wentz Somehow Threw An Interception On A Goal Line Shovel Pass

Carson Wentz and the Indianapolis Colts were, without a doubt, the better football team early in their game on Sunday with the Rams, but they still managed to trail L.A., 7-3.

That was because of a pair of turnovers on the goal line from Indy, first on downs when Carson Wentz ate a sack on fourth and goal from the 1, and the second on one of the worst interceptions you’ll see all season. Wentz tried to hit tight end Jack Doyle on the old inside shovel pass play, but ended up throwing an interception because of some horrific accuracy on the shovel toss, instead just giving it right to Troy Reeder.

The reverse angle really shows just how awful this was, as Wentz just flips it right to Reeder, nowhere close to his tight end who you can see reaching desperately from just outside the frame to no avail.

It would be hard to throw a worse shovel pass and, given the situation, it was a backbreaking play for a Colts team that was outgaining the Rams significantly and had just been set up with great field position by an interception of Matthew Stafford. Instead, the defense had to trot back out on the field after watching their offense again fail to put points up from inside the 5. Even more frustrating for the Colts faithful is how good Wentz has been aside from the sack on 4th down and that shovel pass interception, as he is 9-for-11 for 116 yards with that pick as his lone blemish.