Can Floyd Mayweather Read and Write? 50 Cent Sure Doesn’t Think So

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Once upon a time, Louis C.K. appeared on Opie & Anthony when Donald Rumsfeld was on the program promoting a new book that he wrote. Louis flat-out asked Mr. Rumsfeld if there was any credence to the theory that people had about United States politicians being a secret race of lizard people. The comedian straight-up asked Rumsfeld, as Opie and Anthony tried to apologize through their laughter, if he was a reptile man himself.

Rumsfeld didn’t acknowledge the question nor did he answer it, which prompted C.K. to whisper to himself incredulously, “He’s a lizard person!” because Donald wouldn’t answer the question.

But what are you supposed to do with a claim that is so outrageous? Should you even dignify it with a response?

With Floyd, the rumors of his illiteracy began after he struggled to read a radio drop on The Breakfast Club after appearing on the radio show.

Charlamagne tha God released the unedited audio of Floyd Mayweather having some difficulty reading the drop, which is all the fuel that rapper 50 Cent needed to begin trolling the boxer about not being able to read. Initially, Floyd paid the insults no mind.

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