Bryce and Aaron Dessner composed the soundtrack for the new Peter Dinklage-starring movie Cyrano, and now that trio has come together to perform one of the film’s songs, “Your Name,” on The Late Late Show.

The three were joined by a string section, which drove the song. As for Dinklage, he sang in a deep register that’s actually not all that far off from what the Dessners are used to hearing from their The National bandmate Matt Berninger.

Dinklage also chatted with Stephen Colbert in an interview and Colbert asked how Dinklage felt about singing, given that he’s not an experienced or professional vocalist. He said, “It’s terribly nerve-wracking, but you’re surrounded by really great musicians and really great singers and they make you feel better. And I like a mix of voices: it doesn’t have to be perfect. The greatest singers aren’t necessarily opera singers, they just have soul. I don’t have any soul, I’m not saying that. […] You sing from the heart… Nina Simone and Bob Dylan and all these sort of people who you wouldn’t qualify as operatic singers, but they’re soulful singers.”

Watch Dinklage and the Dessners perform “Your Name” above and check out Dinklage’s interview below.