We’re in mid-summer, which means Halloween is just a hayride away. If you haven’t yet made plans for how to scare the crap out of yourself, entrepreneurs Anthony Masi and Nate Ragon have a great suggestion: Spend the weekend at the Scream house.

The two have launched a Kickstarter for a huge event at the location where scene 118 from the film was shot, a house in Santa Rosa, California. They’re calling the event “Scream Comes Home,” and they’re making bank. Tickets to the event go up to $1,750 for the VIP package. 

You can get a ticket just to the screening for $50, but if you want to spend the night in the extremely creepy locale, it will cost way more.

And who wouldn’t want to stay here:

Look familiar? Here’s the scene in question, in case you’re not a Scream fanatic.

Like any good event, the experience includes merch. Attendees can purchase an “I partied at scene 118” shirt, and folks who shelled out for the $1,250 Purple Scream Package also receive fan memorabilia and a bus tour, in addition to a one-night stay in the house itself.

Which actually looks pretty nice:

Though they helpfully provided some stills for fans to see which moments took place where in the house:

Seeing the house sans murder plot kind of creates a shocking contrast:

The house was known by the movie and crew and fans as “Stu’s house.” Stu is played by Matthew Lillard in Scream, and hosts a party where things get bloody.

After the scene was shot, the director made everyone shirts that read “I survived scene 118,” which is where the idea for the Kickstarter t-shirts came from. This isn’t your ordinary bed and breakfast.

Tickets also include perks like getting a phone call from the voice of the movie’s killer, which is not something I personally want on my voicemail:

But a lot of other people obviously do, because the Kickstarter has already gone over its goal.

It may be too late to sleep in a bed where you can imagine you’re being stabbed to death, just like in the movies, but attending a screening at Stu’s House sounds like it’s gonna be a rager.

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