Have you ever noticed that tiny dogs always seem to be pluckier and more IDGAF-bout-nothin’ than their larger, canine counterparts?

Be it shivering chihuahas, yappy yorkies, or hyperactive jack russells, tiny dogs always act like they’ve got something to prove.

Maybe because they’re so small in stature they make up for it by having lots of character. Or maybe it’s because they’re so little and are constantly living in fear from bigger animals, that they don’t take a single day of life for granted. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.

But for some reason, I always seem to remember the smaller, pluckier dogs in my life as having the largest personalities. And Chunk is one of those dogs.

Twitter user Cherie Priest chronicled her experience with the cute Pomeranian and his concerned owner, when Chunk escaped from his yard and decided to chase after her and her two big dogs.

The story is hilarious, thanks to Chunk’s human’s colorful language.

Chunk didn’t seem to heed his owner’s exhortations.

But that didn’t stop her from bearing down on him with all sorts of wonderful expressions.

Did Chunk really understand how small he was compared to the other dogs?

It seems like he didn’t. His owner then faced the same exasperation all people who inexplicably loves someone and they go and do something crazy: convincing themselves that they shouldn’t feel bad if something bad were to happen to them.

But then reality sets in: we all love that metaphoric Chunk come hell or high water.

Then Chunk went and did what his owner was afraid he’d do: he ran up on the big dogs even though she explicitly told him not to.

She was crestfallen.

When Cherie tried to alleviate her fears, it was of no consolation to Chunk’s owner.

Who, if it hasn’t been made clear to you yet, has just as big of a personality as her little dog.

Cherie’s dogs took to Chunk quite well and soon, a pissing contest ensued.

And there was lots and lots and lots of pee. It was everywhere.

It inevitably got on little Chunk.

Which resulted in a fate for Chunk that we can safely assume isn’t one he’ll be particularly fond of.

While it might seem like an amusing, yet exhausting ordeal for any human to overcome, Cherie’s dogs were all smiles.

Anytime there’s peeing and other friendly puppers involved, it’s a good day for a dog.

Source : http://www.distractify.com/humor/2018/05/29/5m3UU/dog-walking-saga

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