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Woman Tries To Run Over Her Son’s Barber After He Nicks The Boy’s Neck During His Haircut


A California mom has brought a whole new meaning to the idea of the unsatisfied customer. Ruby Delgadillo wasn’t happy with the haircut her 7-year-old son got from 63-year-old Brian Martin. She was so unhappy, in fact, that she took an attempt at his life.

Brian has been a barber for 30 years. When Ruby confronted him about a nick on her son’s neck, he was apologetic. She stormed out of the shop and got into her car. Then, she drove it into the barbershop, aiming at Brian.

“She and I made eye contact as the car was coming at me,” he told Inside Edition. “The next thing I was aware of is, I was looking up at the ceiling and hearing a lot of broken glass falling.”

Witnesses claim they heard Ruby make an awful comment after the crash. “I hope I killed him,” she allegedly said.

Brian escaped with just a broken leg. He needed surgery for it and is now recovering at his San Francisco home. Ruby has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. She is currently being held on bail for $1.3 million and is awaiting trial.

Despite everything that transpired, Brian is more than willing to forgive the woman. “I could hug her and say to her, I’m sorry this happened to us,” he said. “I wish it had never happened and I wish you well.”

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