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Woman Tries To Eat A Live Octopus On Camera, But The Octopus Fights Back


The thing about live video is that even the best-laid plans can go wrong. According to Insider, one vlogger tried to capture a video of herself eating a live octopus, but it didn’t go quite the way she thought it would.

The vlogger, known as “seaside girl Little Seven,” is a popular user on the Chinese social media platform Kuaishou. She tried to live stream herself eating the octopus when things went awry fast.

The octopus latched onto the young woman’s face and wouldn’t let go. The suckers took a firm hold, leaving her screaming in pain as she tried to remove them. When she finally removed the octopus from her face, it left a small gash on her cheek. “My face is disfigured,” she reportedly cried. She then vowed to eat the octopus in her next video.

It’s not this vlogger’s first video featuring an octopus. In another, she plays with a live octopus on the beach. She previously lamented her lack of popularity, but that shouldn’t be a problem for her now. The video went from trending on Chinese social media platforms to going viral worldwide.

As the video spreads, many who have seen it wonder why she would take the risk of eating a live animal that could, effectively, eat her back.

“Octopus 1, Vlogger 0. People like this are why we have warnings on EVERYTHING,” wrote one Twitter user who shared the video.


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