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Woman Posts Negative Tweet About OB/GYN, Only To Find Clinic May Have Blacklisted Her From Care


For the past 14 years, Katie Joy Ussery of Des Moines, Iowa has been battling endometriosis, a chronic disorder in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus and throughout other parts of the body. Endometriosis can be very crippling and painful, especially during menstruation.

When Katie began suffering from ovarian cysts as a result of endometriosis, she scheduled an appointment with her usual OB/GYN clinic. She was hoping to see her favorite physician who usually treated her, but when she wasn’t available the clinic booked her with another doctor.

But the appointment did not go the way Katie had hoped. She says the physician rushed into his recommendation that she participate in a clinical drug trial, but she wasn’t interested. “I felt he became confrontational when I dared to stand my ground, advocate for myself and disagreed with his opinion,” she told WHO Des Moines.

Katie went home feeling so disappointed that she posted a negative review of the physician on Twitter.

Imagine Katie’s surprise when she learned that her next appointment with the same clinic, which was scheduled for the following month, was suddenly cancelled without notice. Not only that, but she learned she was unable to receive treatment from any of the physicians at the clinic…

Footage provided WHO Des Moines

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