Back when I used to live the commuting life, I was used to certain rituals of my morning journey into the city.

I took the same bus as a family member and would chat it up with him as we drove into Manhattan then branch off and take our respective subways. I’d see the same bus driver, same dude with oversized headphones I never made eye contact with. I’d pass the same coffee shop and wave to the same dude bringing bags of beans and cups and weird hipster-coffee-making paraphernalia. It was comforting.

It became such an ingrained part of my daily routine that any aberration was noticed immediately. If my relative wasn’t on the bus, I’d look for him. If headphone guy was sick or when he suddenly changed his headphones out of nowhere, I noticed. When my bus driver was replaced with someone else, I didn’t know how to feel about it but my initial reaction was, “NOOOOOOO!”

But what if a face you were used to seeing on your daily routine didn’t always greet you the same way? Or maybe that person greeted you some days and seemed happy to see you, and other days, they completely ignored you?

It would be a bit baffling, would it not? Well that’s exactly what happened to Twitter user Rachel Harper, who after two long years of experiencing hot-and-cold interactions with her local ticket guy, realized this:

That’s right. Boom. Twins, out of nowhere. It was like she was living in The Prestige, or a bizarro kids novel where a team of plucky teams use their genetic advantage to get into all sorts of mischief and somehow save the day with the circumstances of their birth.

Her tweet became so popular, that filmmaker Edgar Wright (Babydriver, Shaun of the Dead) tweeted a quote from another one of his films, Hot Fuzz.

Which floored Harper.

Turns out though that she wasn’t the only one who had a body-double twins experience.

Or so they thought.

While others shared their own stories of not recognizing someone. Not because they were actually a twin or anything.

But because they saw the person “out of context.”

It led to some very awkward situations. Like this one guy whose twin brother took a drawing class.

And he was accused of seeing someone naked.

Even when twins work at the same jobs and attempted to differentiate themselves from others, it doesn’t really work out for them.

Well at least he didn’t think someone came back from the dead.

This guy couldn’t believe a kid was making it down the slide so quickly.

Although someone has their own theories as to this whole “Twins Conspiracy.”

Sounds legit.

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