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Will Smith Jokes About Entanglement Memes In New Video


Will Smith is crying again.

In a long-awaited YouTube video, Smith and wife Jada Pinkett address the viral Entanglement video. Well, sort of.

In a brief introduction to their acceptance video for the Bring Change 2 Mind award for mental health awareness, Smith mentions his penchant for getting choked up.

“I’m not sad a lot,” Smith says as he fights through his tears. “I think because I drink so much coffee, I get dehydrated, and it makes my eyes water. I know people think I’m crying all the time.”

Last summer, Smith’s Red Table Talk conversation with Jada went viral, thanks to Smith’s tear-filled reaction to Jada’s “entanglement” with another man. Crying Smith was the sad react of the summer, recalling other watery memes, like Crying Michael Jordan and Peter Parker Crying.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Smith commented on the meme. Back in July, he responded to a comment from a fan about the meme. He took it in stride.

“I’m definitely gonna block you,” Smith joked. “But the joke was very funny.”

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