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Why Is Lil Boosie Banned From Instagram? Suspension Explained


The Louisiana-based rapper went on a rant against Mark Zuckerberg, who he hilariously refers to as “Zuckinberger” in a video directed at the Facebook founder because, in Boosie’s words, “bosses” need to directly speak to other “bosses.”

While the rapper is irate over the fact that he’s been locked out of his Instagram account, it apparently had a lot to do with the fact that he was sharing links to his OnlyFans account.

While OnlyFans are used by folks to interact with their fanbase in a variety of ways, the platform is primarily known for individuals providing subscription-based pornographic content to their followers, who pay a monthly fee to gain access to said materials. 

As it turns out, Boosie wasn’t presenting his fanbase with early samples of his work or an inside look into his creative process with his OnlyFans account.

Like many other uploaders to the service, Boosie hosted a litany of NSFW material for his fanbase, and Instagram was apparently not a big fan of this practice. Links to pornographic sites and the like are in violation of Instagram’s user policy, so any person who posts those links are going to get hit with a ban, and that’s exactly what happened with Lil Boosie, according to TMZ.

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