Even if you’ve never watched Nightly Pop, you’ve probably seen Hunter pop up on YouTube. The host and comedian got his start in entertainment as an intern at the now-popular YouTube channel AwesomenessTV when it was still growing, though he was quickly promoted to a production assistant at the studio. By the time he left the company seven years later, he was the face of many of the channel’s original series.

But even before Hunter worked at AwesomenessTV, he tried his hand with his own YouTube channel. One of his first now-deleted videos was a parody on the “S–t Girls Say” trend, titled “S–t Valley Girls Say,” where he says he parodied the girls he knew from his high school for the sketch. The video did surprisingly well, gaining a few hundred thousand views, despite Hunter not having an established platform on the site yet. 

“I thought to myself, alright, I’m in the game, it’s all uphill from here,” he says. “And then I realized I got lucky and it’s really hard to make compelling YouTube content week after week.”

But at AwesomenessTV, he says he used the skills he learned “growing up” on a steady stream of YouTube content to his advantage, pitching, writing, shooting, editing, and uploading all of the original ideas he had for the platform.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/p/hunter-march-nightly-pop-exclusive