In the HBO and BBC Two series, Harry plays a self-assured, young banker named Robert Spearing, who had a different upbringing than most of his privileged colleagues. However, like his colleagues, he is well-versed in the work culture that thrives on the “work hard, play hard” mentality. 

Harry told Bello Magazine that he is nothing like this character, especially when it comes to certain extracurricular activities. “It’s funny, because there is so much about Robert that I can’t relate to. I certainly can’t party as hard as him!” he explained.

Harry also told The Rakish Gent that he was initially drawn to Industry‘s “fresh, vibrant, and sharp” script and the fact that Robert’s character was more than just a typical bro. “Robert is very charismatic and quite charming,” he explained. “He has a lot of bravado and probably thinks that those qualities are really well-suited to a life in banking.”

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