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Who Is Adena on ‘Below Deck Med’? She’s a Fabulous and Fun Guest


We were naturally taken by the fact that Adena is not only hilarious, but also a recurring guest on Below Deck Med – and on two separate group charters, at that. Imagine being invited on the Bravo show just once, let alone twice!

We couldn’t help but wonder who this socialite is, and thankfully we found her on Instagram — but unfortunately, her account is private. We know it’s her, however, because of the signature champagne flute in her profile picture!

According to Reality Titbit, Adena is a Florida resident and her husband Dr. Akinyemi “Akin” Ajayi is a successful sleep doctor. Together, the couple has three daughters, and Adena is also involved in the family business, Ajayi Healthcare Company, as chairman of the board.

Adena is “a serial entrepreneur and visionary known for identifying emerging markets and building successful market-driven companies,” per her bio on the website. “For the last 10 years she has been focused on founding and building her various companies.”

Honestly, we’re grateful we have another charter left with Adena and the rest of her fun group of friends.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/p/adena-below-deck-med