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What Happened to Lindsay on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? Here’s Why She Was MIA


Pro dancer Lindsay Arnold was MIA on the Nov. 4 episode of Dancing With the Stars, leaving her celebrity partner, Sean Spicer, to perform with recently eliminated pro Jenna Johnson. Though contestants have missed live shows in the past due to injury, the blonde beauty’s absence wasn’t dance-related.

What happened to Lindsay Arnold on Dancing With the Stars?

In a pre-recorded video filmed on Saturday, Sean revealed that Lindsay’s mother-in-law, Jennifer, had died. “She went home to spend time with her family,” the former White House press secretary shared. “I’m lucky that her good friend Jenna is going to step in.”

Right before Monday’s live episode began, Lindsay released a statement on social media explaining why she wasn’t in the ballroom. “I am so saddened to say that my beautiful, loving, selfless [mother-in-law] has unexpectedly passed away,” she wrote next to a picture from her sister-in-law’s wedding last April. 

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