Is Sebastian Arcelus coming back to Madam Secretary?

The 42-year-old hasn’t stated whether or not he’ll return for a guest spot before the series wraps up later this year, but based on an old Instagram post, it sounds like Sebastian may have been blindsided by his demotion in Season 6.

On May 9, the House of Cards alum praised Madam Secretary fans for their help in securing another season. “A BIG THANKS to each of [you] who donated your voice to this campaign! See you again this fall!” he wrote at the time, seeming to suggest that he’d be back as a series regular.

For what it’s worth, many viewers have expressed disappointment over his surprising departure. “I hate that we’re losing Jay. I thought that character brought a lot to the table,” one female fan wrote. Another agreed with her, saying, “he was such a major part of the Secretary’s success. The actor did a great job.”

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