As Lisa revealed in a previous episode of RHOSLC, she is particularly proud of the work she has done for the Sundance Film Festival. 

“My marketing company is LUXE Marketing, and, you know, I’m busy year-round. When it comes to Sundance, I am my most busy. I have 10 days straight of nonstop events for multiple businesses, multiple companies, night after night after night. It is [consuming], it is hard, it’s not for everyone, but I love it,” Lisa explained in a previous teaser.

“Some people call me the ‘Queen of Sundance,’ I just think I’m really good at what I do,” Lisa went on to say.  

“You’ve gotta kiss the ring,” Vanderpump Rules star Kate Maloney mockingly remarked in a previous video before admitting that she has never heard of Lisa even though she considers herself a Sundance regular. 

Queen of Sundance or not, one thing is clear. Lisa works hard and plays hard, which is how she achieved incredible success in her professional and private life. 

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