Part of the survival kit.

A Tennessee weatherman has become an internet hero with his foolproof method for melting winter frost from your car windows. WATE 6 News’ Ken Weathers (yup, that’s his name!) has concocted a solution that will get rid of frost and ice in an instant.

Weathers made a step-by-step video tutorial:

Are you taking notes?

Because winter is almost upon us…

The 2016 video has been viewed more than six million times, and the simple life hack even made it to the popular website TipHero. According to Weathers, all you need is two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water mixed in a spray bottle. MAGIC!

Got your rubbing alcohol handy?

Thanks again for the timely reminder, Ken! Now kick that ice to the curb and be careful out there, people.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter

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