Watson Amelia, aka Amelia Watson, is a Hololive Vtuber introduced alongside Hololive’s first batch of English-speaking Vtubers alongside Gawr Gura, Ninomae Ina’nis, Takanashi Kiara and Mori Calliope. She is depicted as a doctor and detective, and her name is a reference to Dr. Watson, the narrator in most of the Sherlock Holmes stories. She has also made references to being a time traveler.


Watson Amelia debuted as part of Hololive’s first batch of English-speaking Vtubers on September 8th, 2020 (shown below, left). Her debut stream was posted on September 13th (shown below, right).

Watson’s hook is that she was a detective looking into rumors about Hololive but upon investigation, decided to become an idol herself. As of October 7th, 2020, her most popular stream other than her debut and a collab stream with the rest of the English Hololive generation, is a stream of her playing puzzle game Superliminal and a stream where she works with viewers to improve her Japanese (shown below).

Online Presence

Watson quickly developed an online following; in her first stream, she mentioned one of her goals was to gain over 100,000 subscribers, and she reached that number by the end of the stream. As of October 7th, 2020, she has over 365,000 subscribers. On Twitter, she has gained over 190,000 followers since joining the platform in July of 2020. Her fans are dubbed “Teamates,” as a pun on her favorite beverage, tea.

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