There are a lot of celebrities and their adorable kids to love out there, but no pairing is quite as perfect as Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna. They’ve got it all: great pics, funny stories, and stunning smiles. Though Luna looks adorable when she’s engaged in serious business, too:

The two also seem to delight each other in every way, doing everything together.

And they share a startlingly similar fashion sense:

Since Luna goes wherever Teigen goes, she obviously needs a passport. That’s a baby meant to travel.

Teigen shared the process of getting Luna set up for her journeys. She needed a passport photo before the passport. The first video Teigen shared shows Luna entering the passport photo office looking like a little star:

If Luna’s mom says she’s thinking swears, I believe her.

Though she is cooler than most of us ever are in our adult lives, Luna still has some of the same issues as most tiny children. Like sitting still.

Teigen’s next video showed how they were working around the issue of taking Luna’s picture:

There she is, sitting in someone’s lap. I’m assuming it’s her dad, John Legend, but who knows. What I love most about this video is that they clearly keep this piece of cardboard around for exactly this emergency.

My second favorite part is this little side-eye Luna throws at her mom in the middle of the whole routine:

“Mom, wtf?”

I’ve never thought about how hard it is to get kids to pose for official photos, but the replies show it’s a pretty common problem:

It’s been going on since photos were invented, in fact:

But people who don’t know about this experience first hand found it hilarious:

This kid is going places.

Literally. She has a passport.

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