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It’s been almost a week since the deadly attempted MAGA coup, in which whipped-up Trump supporters stormed the Capitol but failed to overturn the since-ratified 2020 election. There’s been reams of disturbing footage and images, from a man brandishing zip ties to another decked out in what was memorably described as a “Chewbacca bikini.” Now there’s a slightly lighter side (though it’s not exactly light): Turns out Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper and a camera crew were there, trying to talk some sense into a crowd that had none at all.

The video finds Klepper and team there from somewhere near the beginning, capturing a hopping, weapon-happy mob before they ransacked the Capitol, and before a number of them utterly destroyed their lives. Amidst a sea of “Don’t tread on me” and OANN flags, Klepper finds MAGA types to talk to, trying to get to the center of their logic, or lack thereof. There’s a young man who said he’s never read the full Constitution. “You should probably read it,” Klepper tells him. “Because you might committing a seditious act in an hour and a half.”

There’s also Dominion lies, a guy wielding an actual pitchfork, and an impassioned rebel astride a segway. “You can tell how much these people love America by how many weapons they brought to hurt other Americans,” Klepper remarks, not long before his crew catches a man shouting, “Make no mistake: We have the guns and we are now in the streets.” There’s also what looks like an attack on one of his camerapeople.

At least there’s a happy ending: Congress was able to return to their joint session and ratify the election for Joe Biden. And a number of the insurrectionist have since been nabbed by the feds and abandoned those, including Trump and his minions, who fed them lies about nonexistent voter fraud. “This s*itstain rebellion failed,” Klepper concludes. “As did my Dry January.”

You can watch the full video above.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/jordan-klepper-maga-rioters-footage/