While it might seem that Drake is untouchable following the release of his album Scorpion, which currently claims seven of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart — breaking a record held by The Beatles — and crossed the one billion streams mark in less than one week, it’s nice to know that something as simple as a magic trick can bring the rapper down to Earth. 

Magician Julius Dein ran into Drake in London, and proceeded to blow his mind with just a lollipop. Luckily for everyone, the moment and Drake’s reaction was captured on video. After asking Drake to name his favorite super hero (it’s Batman BTW), Julius placed the aforementioned lollipop in his mouth. 

Drake was clearly confused when he was asked to remove the lollipop from the magic-loving stranger’s mouth, asking “Why?” several times, but he finally did and the initial awkwardness was definitely worth it. In an instant, Julius transformed the candy into the shape of the caped crusader and Drake is seriously impressed. 

Fans were also loving Drake’s genuine response to the magic trick and took to social media to share their feelings. Warning: Drake puns ahead. 

However, this is not the first time Drake has been visibly shaken by a magic trick. In 2016, Drake, along with Steph Curry and Dave Chapelle, watched David Blaine perform his famous frog trick — which is literally the magician throwing up an amphibian into a glass of water. Once again, the rapper’s reaction is priceless. 

Others pointed out that Drake is a magician in his own way — especially when it comes to his new music and his major paternity bombshell this summer. 

Same, girl. Same. 

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