When you think of shopping at Walmart you probably think of long lines, broken down self-service cash registers, greeters whose eyes are constantly checking the clock.

You might also think of customers who try to use snuggies as clothing as they shop for Dr. Thunder and off-brand Oreos.

You’re not going to Walmart by choice, you’re just going there because it’s open and probably the cheapest option in your area. You’re not expecting Walmart to be forward thinking, or necessarily warm or inviting inside. You go in, you spend your bottom dollar, you wait online, and then you get the heck out of there as soon as possible.

It’s a no-nonsense store, and a no-nonsense store isn’t expected to have a great social media account game, either. Just run-of-the-mill customer service query handling and announcements.

Well, one Twitter user, @Murk361, thought he could take advantage of Walmart’s apparent “lameness” when it came to the world of social media marketing.

It all began when Murk sent out this innocent tweet.

Walmart’s social media team took the bait, probably hoping to have a nice exchange with one of their valued customers.

Murk had Walmart right where he wanted them and decided to let the joke go.

Normally it would’ve just ended there. I mean what kind of response could Walmart have? “Oh no we hope you’re joking, Murk!” They couldn’t take it too seriously because then they would look really lame.

They had to pick their response and how they’d reply very carefully. Surprisingly, they decided to go the route of absolute savagery.

That’s right, they went there.

And people just couldn’t believe it.

I mean, Walmart, of all retailers? Really?

They even started drawing comparisons to the undisputed queen of social media.

People even started asking Wendy’s to chime in on Walmart’s response.

They’ve yet to respond, but that hasn’t stopped people from rolling on the floor with laughter.

People just still can’t believe Twitter is free.

I really want to know what Wendy’s has to say about this now.

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