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Waldorf Paper Stars Might Be The Uplifting Sweet Craft That All Of Our Kids Need Right Now


Like a lot of parents, I have suddenly found myself at home with a kid who needs a fair bit of entertaining, even though he’s nearly 11-years-old. I’m also working from home while managing his schoolwork and keeping up with the state of the world, and it’s all kind of… a lot. But why not add some crafts into the mix?

So when I saw on my social media feed that families were drawing pictures of rainbows and hanging them in their windows, I loved it. I thought about asking my kid if he wanted to do the same, but figured I would get a non-committal shoulder shrug in response.

Then my friend Julie, who is a true gem and a genuine human being, shared that she and her family have been making Waldorf window stars and hanging them up at home. I had never heard of such a thing but quickly learned that making the stars isn’t too challenging at all. All you need is some kite paper, which Amazon was still shipping when  I placed my order (but I bet you could also find it locally if you needed to, and your local arts and crafts store would probably appreciate it), glue stick, and your own two hands.

Well, that and a willing participant.

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/waldorf-paper-stars-diy/