Working in the service industry can really, really suck from time to time. Getting paid below minimum wage and relying on tips from the customers you serve can get really, really stressful. And that’s probably why the #TiptheBillChallenge on Twitter is getting so much traction.

The social media trend has people snapping photos of their receipts and tipping the total amount of their check to surprise their waiter with a 100% gratuity.

Naturally, there are more than a few people who think that the act of giving 100% gratuity is a bit, well, gratuitous, but there’s an overwhelming number of folks who are entirely here for it.

A number of people tried poo-pooing the challenge, but, as some Twitter users pointed out: If they’re so against the dining industry’s treatment of servers and “tipping culture,” they should boycott eating at restaurants that don’t pay their servers competitive wages. 

And although there are more than a few restaurants doing away with gratuities and  paying their waitstaff a standard wage, some people favor the current gratuity system and show others that being a good server can often make for a lucrative career.

Some people just wished that the challenge started back when they were still working in the food service industry. Some people get all the luck, huh?

Some decided to go above and beyond the call of duty with the challenge. Thanks for showing us all up, lady.

Regardless of the debates between server pay and the practice of tipping in general, people still kept snapping photos of their receipts.

Among all of the shared images of people making their servers very, very, happy, restaurant workers entered the discussion to dispel the ideas people had about how waiters and waitresses are compensated.

It turns out that “base wage” is contingent upon the amount of tips that they receive, so if you make “too much” in tips, that measly $2.13 an hour rate is reduced even more. As proven by this waitress.

And although there were plenty of people who were more than willing to share their good deeds on social media, servers began snapping photos of the lucky receipts they got and how thankful they were to receive such generous tips.

I mean, just imagine it: You’ve been standing on your feet all day and the restaurant is short-staffed, there’s a huge party of people and only two servers are running the entire floor.

You struggle and manage as best you can, keeping a smile and making sure everyone is cared for, has their drinks filled and their orders put in in a timely fashion. Every table or so you get some cheapskates or less-than-stellar tips.

Then, outta nowhere, boom, you get someone who took the #TiptheBillChallenge to heart and made your night. Suddenly the hard work doesn’t seem so hard because your great service has an immediate result/reward.

There were some participants in the challenge, however, who didn’t really get into the “right” spirit of the whole thing.

Their hearts are in the right place though, I guess?

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