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Video Shows White Woman Calling her New Neighbors the N-Word


A viral video of a Michigan woman shows her calling her new neighbors the N-words.

Bailey Jenkins, the woman recording the video, posted it to Twitter, where it has amassed over five million views. In the video, Jenkins films her new neighbor, identified as Jessica Evans, yelling racial slurs at her.

“You’ve been screaming since what time? You just moved in. You all are N-words (sic) making a scene!” Evans shouted.

Jenkins responded that she was going to find out where Evans work and that she would lose her job because of her language.

“I get paid by the government,” Evans shot back.

Jenkins tells Evans that she “can’t say that word.” That’s when Evans unleashed a tirade of racial slurs, calling her the N-word several times.

Evans said she was frustrated with Jenkins waking her up at “3:30am,” but Jenkins said it was 6am.

A Twitter user responded to the video claiming to be Evans’ old neighbor. She alleged that the woman doesn’t work for the government and that she’s abusive.

“Oh girl that’s my old neighbor. If I had known YOU were the one moving in I would’ve warned you,” she wrote.

Evans took to Facebook to address the viral video in a now-deleted post.

“Race baiters can’t bother me; I actually feel quite sorry for you. It’s sad to have so much hate and hurt inside that you want to spread misery,” she wrote. “I called some very white people the N-word. And all these crazy racists associated it with black people and call me the bad guy. “


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*First Published: Jun 29, 2020, 8:12 pm

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