Being a live news reporter has its fair share of challenges.

Whether it’s being assaulted by a bug on camera, or having to deal with annoying people who want nothing more than to ruin your broadcast by punching you in the face, there’s no shortage of idiocy and inconveniences you have to put up with.

And for some reason, there’s a huge phenomenon of people running up to reporters and kissing them on the cheek. Usually, it happens to female news personalities.

A recent DW Broadcast of World Cup coverage by reporter Julieth Gonzalez is another example of a reporter being hugged and kissed while they were simply doing their job.

And it sparked a larger conversation about harassment and abuse online.

Other women who work in sports spoke up about certain misogynistic behaviors they’d had to deal with in their line of work, as well.

Some people were quick to say that Gonzalez and her employer were “overreacting” over the kiss.

But DW Sports stuck by their original post and continued to condemn the behavior of the man who approached their reporter.

Some people questioned whether it was a good idea for DW Sports to even air the footage in the first place, as it might make Gonzalez uncomfortable.

However, they not only cleared it with the journalist, but she supported the decision, stating that she hopes the footage will give some insight into the struggles that other women in her profession face.

For the most part, people sympathized with Gonzalez and couldn’t understand why someone would think it’s a good idea to just up and grab a reporter out of nowhere and plant a smooch on their face.

While others tried downplaying Gonzalez’s incident by pointing out other cases of reporter harassment.

Female reporters aren’t the only ones who were getting gratuitous smooches planted on their cheeks.

This Russian woman thought it’d be a good idea to kiss an Egyptian reporters face while he was reporting on his country’s team.

Even though some people used the whole thing as an opportunity to make a joke…

For many, it was just unacceptable behavior.

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