The drivers of UPS make new friends all the time, usually the four-legged kind. The Instagram account UPS Dogs shows off all the furry critters who come out and say hi to the UPS employees who they’ve gotten to know over time. But not all of their new best buds are dogs. Drivers travel through all sorts of neighborhoods, and you can never be sure who is in the next yard. Like this insanely adorable baby llama who is meeting the incredibly lucky Ben:

That llama has stolen my heart and probably all the packages from the back of the truck. Who cares, take it all baby llama!

But we can’t forget our original love: The dogs.

Will a baby llama great you with as much enthusiasm as this good dog:

Or this big boy:

Or this patient trio:

How about a doggy high five? A llama can’t do that.

Or a roll in the snow?

Even old grey beards run to say hi to the UPS truck driver:

Whole families are excited:

We would also be remiss if we forgot the kitties, who show enthusiasm in their own feline way:

But the love is growing every day. Goats, cows, giant birds. They all want to say what’s up when the truck comes down the road:

Animals are the freaking best. There’s room for everyone in my heart:

Down, boy.

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